When you’re injured on the job, we can help you get back to work.Worker's Comp Image

Workers' compensation can be complicated. Treatment guidelines, company-specific safety requirements, and Wisconsin state laws need to be considered during your care.

Our up-to-date Workers' Compensation Program provides excellent advice. 

Bone & Joint Workers' Compensation Program was designed to help patients, employers, worker’s compensation carriers and managers navigate the maze of regulations and requirements in an effective and timely manner so you can get back to work.

A dedicated Workers' Compensation Coordinator is available to work with you from the date of your injury until you have recovered. He or she will be your contact person at every step of the process.

In addition to personalized support:

  • Prompt evaluation and treatment of work-related injuries
  • Timely work status reports
  • Concise exam notes and prompt, credible reports after the exam
  • Effective communication with employers, insurance adjusters and case managers

Injured workers are welcome to utilize our Walk-In Care for:

  • Simple fractures
  • Cuts / abrasions
  • Finger / toe dislocations
  • Foot / ankle injuries
  • Muscle strains/sprains
  • Painful or swollen joints
  • Musculoskeletal-related, work-related injuries (toxicology screening is not available).

*In the event the patient is under the care of another provider for his/her condition, we may offer a scheduled office visit to allow us time to retrieve and review previous medical records.

For more information call:

Barbara K. Machtan, MS, CRC, CCM
Workers' Compensation Coordinator
Direct Phone:  715-393-0332
Company Number:  715-359-6449 ext 1307

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Medford, WI 54451

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