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Our up-to-date Worker's Compensation Program provides excellent advice. 

Our program was designed to help patients, employers, worker’s compensation carriers, and managers navigate the maze of regulations and requirements in an effective and timely manner so you can get back to work.

To schedule an appointment, please call 715-393-0490.

 About our team

Bone & Joint’s team of Workers Compensation specialists are here to help serve and support you through this process.

Bone & Joint's medical providers will:

  • Efficiently assess and diagnose your condition to develop the best plan of care with the goal to return you back to your pre-injury status.

    Workers from many places
  • Explain your condition and treatment plan in a meaningful and understandable manner.

  • Make sure you receive a well-researched medical opinion on the cause of your condition, based on supportive medical literature and the clinical skills of our physicians.

  • Work to get you back on duty quickly and safely.
  • Compose clear and credible reports promptly after the exam to meet worker's compensation documentation requirements. 


In addition to our specialty physicians, our worker's compensation team includes:

Barbara K. Machtan, MS, CRC, CCM

Barbara Machtan, MS, CRC, CCM
Worker's Compensation Coordinator
Direct Phone: 715-393-0332

Worker's Compensation Coordinator

• Our dedicated Worker's Compensation Coordinator is available to help you understand and navigate the worker’s compensation system. 

• The Worker’s Compensation Coordinator at Bone & Joint will also ensure the Worker’s Compensation carrier and assigned nurse case managers have the medical information they need to process your claim without delays.


Matthew Moore, DPT, Workers Compensation Specialist

Matthew Moore, DPT
Worker's Compensation
Therapy Specialist
Direct Phone: 715-393-0381

Worker's Compensation Therapy Specialist & Employer Liaison

• Bone & Joint’s Worker’s Compensation Therapy Specialist can help address your concerns and questions about returning to work after your injury.

• Our Worker’s Compensation Therapy Specialist will collaborate with your employer to help determine safe activities.

• If you have a clinic or therapy center at your place of work, our therapy specialist is available to communicate your plan of care with your care team at work.


Worker's Compensation Return-to-Work Specialists

Our return-to-work specialists will collaborate with your health care provider to test your strength, flexibility, and function in a safe, therapeutic environment to determine the status of your ability to return-to-work. 

Injured workers are welcome to utilize our Walk-In Care for:

  • Simple fractures
  • Cuts/abrasions
  • Finger/toe dislocations
  • Foot/ankle injuries
  • Muscle strains/sprains
  • Painful or swollen joints
  • Musculoskeletal-related, work-related injuries (toxicology screening is not available).

*In the event the patient is under the care of another provider for his/her condition, we may offer a scheduled office visit to allow us time to retrieve and review previous medical records.

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