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MRI Technology

At Bone & Joint, we take care of you from initial diagnosis through treatment and recovery.

Our advanced diagnostic technology includes X-ray and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). These tools help our physicians and surgeons quickly and accurately diagnose and determine treatment options for bone, joint and muscle conditions.

Top-Notch Comfort

Even though an MRI is often a crucial step in a patient's treatment, MRI exams make many patients nervous. Our short bore machine ensures the utmost comfort. The bore is the "donut" shaped part where patients lie during an exam. Because of the short design, many scans can be performed feet first. In these cases, a patient's head can remain outside the bore, which usually results in less anxiety and more relaxation.

Another way our MRI increases patient comfort is its ultra high speed. It can capture the highest quality images in the shortest amount of time, reducing the need for patients to be repositioned or undergo multiple scans.

What does an MRI detect?

Since MRI images typically provide more information about a condition and can sometimes see things x-rays and CT scans cannot, it is a great tool for detecting bone and joint issues. With an MRI, our physicians and surgeons can diagnosis arthritis, cartilage problems, torn ligaments and tendons, infections, broken bones and more.

Bone & Joint also offers digital X-ray technology.

Bone & Joint uses the most current digital X-ray technology to offer low-dose imaging services to our patients. Our digital imaging receptor is extremely efficient. The radiation dose is 1/3 less than that of a computed X-ray, which is commonly used in the market today.

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