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Our Athletic Trainers Care for Area Athletes

Bone & Joint believes in supporting our local high schools and keeping athletes safe by providing athletic training coverage at no cost.

Athletic trainer on the field

Athletic trainers work in medical clinics, athletic departments, schools, and with sports teams of all levels.

They help athletes prevent injuries, provide acute care for injuries that occur during sporting events, and aid in the athlete's recovery from injury.

What does an athletic trainer do?

Athletic trainers care for athletes before, during, and after sporting events. They provide:

  • On-site assessment of acute injuries during sporting activities.
  • Taping, splinting, and bracing of injuries.
  • Post-injury follow-up care.

Athletic trainer working with a young man in a building

Athletic trainers are an extension of Bone & Joint's orthopedic care team.

While providing comprehensive care to athletes, athletic trainers work with physicians, physical therapists, and other health care providers, to ensure athletes safely return to sports following an injury.


Kimberly Beggs, Athletic Trainer

Kimberly Beggs
Bone & Joint Athletic Trainer

Serving Wausau West High SchoolWausau West High School Logo

Krista McLouth, Athletic Trainer

Krista McLouth
Bone & Joint Athletic Trainer

Serving Wausau East High SchoolWausau East High School Logo

Bone & Joint’s athletic trainers care for athletes at Wausau East and Wausau West High Schools.

Bone & Joint also offers in-house sports medicine specialists and licensed and physical and occupational therapists to help you perform at your peak.

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