How do I refer a patient to the Bone & Joint Center?

Thank you for allowing us to provide care to your patient.

We honor the relationship that we have with you and appreciate the significance of your relationship with your patient. We will keep you informed of your patient’s progress while he or she is here with us.

Please feel free to contact us during normal business hours at 715.359.6442 or 800.445.6442. If you are a healthcare provider.

To make the referral process easier for you, we can supply you with physician referral pads, physician bio cards or brochures. If you would like to order these materials, please contact our marketing manager Jayson Dykema at 800.445.6442 or send us an e-mail request and we’ll send them to you.

We believe that information helps promote healing. Patients who schedule appointments with us will receive a patient information packet by mail. You are also free to direct patients you are referring to for more information.

Bone & Joint has been serving patients in central and northern Wisconsin since 1969. The physicians at the Bone & Joint Musculoskeletal and Surgery Center are dedicated to earning your trust, one patient at a time. In addition to providing services at Bone & Joint Center and Bone & Joint's Surgical Center, many of Bone & Joint orthopaedic specialists have hospital privileges at Aspirus Hospital. 

Referral Options

Call Us Toll-Free: 800.445.6442
Fax Us: 715.393.0390
Email Us:

For your convenience, we have also included downloadable forms for physicians, referral coordinators and clinic staff.

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