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Bone & Joint has partnered with two independent survey providers to conduct our patient loyalty study surveys.  You may receive a call (Interactive Voice Recording) from National Research Consultants (NRC) about your office visit at our clinic.  If you have a procedure at our Bone & Joint Surgery Center, you may also receive an email or paper survey from Press Ganey Associates.These organizations are responsible for contacting patients who have received care at Bone & Joint.  

Please know that the information you offer will help us meet our goal to provide you excellent care.

When will I be contacted?

Due to random selection methods, not all patients will be contacted.  If you are chosen to participate, NRC or Press Ganey will contact you via telephone, email or mail within a short time following your appointment or outpatient surgical procedure.

Does my private medical information leave Bone & Joint Clinic or Bone & Joint Outpatient Surgery Center?

Rest assured that your medical records remain confidential.  NRC and Press Ganey only receives information on how to contact you and what service areas you accessed.  No other personal information is shared; nor is any information related to outcomes of a visit made known to the research firm.

Am I required to participate in the survey?

Your opinions are important to us.  If you can provide us with information on how we can improve our services or which staff member deserves a pat on the back, we would like to know about it.  However, you have every right to decline the survey.  If you prefer not to be contacted, please inform one of our registration staff members as soon as possible.

Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns about the survey?

Questions and concerns may be directed to the Marketing Manager by calling 715.393.0339 or sending an email to

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