What should I expect at my first sports medicine appointment?

Sports Medicine

Caucasion physical therapist manipulating the leg of an African American man.

Your appointment will be similar to meeting with any other orthopaedic specialist.

During your exam, your provider will ask you questions about your condition.

  • When did you first notice discomfort or pain?
  • Did the pain happen suddenly or did it gradually progress?
  • What types of movements do you do most at work and home?
  • Did you fall recently?
  • Were you injured recently?
  • Which movements cause more pain?
  • Which movements do you find hard to do?
  • Are there positions that relieve your pain?
  • Have you tried any treatments in the past?

Your provider may ask you these questions while he or she is doing a physical exam. Your honest answers and your provider’s expertise will help him or her diagnose the cause of your pain and create a treatment plan that works with your value system and your lifestyle.

If you already have an appointment with a sports medicine specialist, we hope we have answered your questions. If you would like to request an appointment, call 800.445.6442 and we will set up an appointment at one of our offices located in Wausau, Merrill, Medford and Plover.


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