Stay active and healthy this winter

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Family surrounding a snowman

Winter is a great time to enjoy Wisconsin’s outdoor activities.

Dressing for the weather and knowing your risk for injury helps keep you safe and injury-free.

Below are links to a few articles to keep you safe and sound as you enjoy the fresh air and snowy days of winter.

Are you at risk for orthopedic injuries this winter?

Stretch before winter funFamily with a large snowman

10 tips for safe shoveling

Avoid groin pulls this winter

Snowshoeing is a great winter workout

Is the fear of falling keeping your loved one inside?

Don’t fall for these injuries this year

We would rather see you enjoying winter’s outside activities than see you in our office.

But if you are hurt and need care, you can visit one of Bone & Joint’s three Walk-In locations in Plover, Medford, and Merrill.

You don’t need an appointment. Just walk in and we’ll care for your minor injuries without the wait and high cost of an Emergency Room visit.

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