If you need hip surgery, how do you find the best orthopedic surgeon?

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Bone & Joint believes that we offer the best orthopedic care in northcentral Wisconsin, but we want you to check us out before you make the decision.

When you’re looking for the best orthopedic surgeon for your condition, there are many things to consider about the surgeon and the facility where your surgery will take place. Here are seven things to check.

Look at the surgeon’s credentials.

Is he or she board-certified or fellowship-trained? Board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons have higher levels of education, training and hands-on experience.

Get referrals.

The best way to check out a surgeon is to ask other people. They can tell you about the care, the person and the experience.

Bone & Joint's Google ReviewsLook at online reviews.

Look at the one-star reviews, the five-star reviews and the reviews in between. It is highly unlikely that a doctor will have all five-star reviews. It is impossible to be perfect all the time.

Ask how many operations, like the one you’re considering, your surgeon performs.

People say practice makes perfect. You are more likely to get the results you want from a surgeon who performs 50 hip replacements a year than from a surgeon who only performs one or two.

What is the infection rate of the medical facility where the operation will take place?

We cannot stress this statistic enough. Though only one percent of patients pick up infections in the hospital, when you or your loved one is part of that statistic, it's devasting. A great surgery followed by a staph infection adds months or years to your recovery.

Ask about the facility’s infection rate or check it out online. Dedicated orthopedic surgical centers typically have lower infection rates because they are used only for orthopedic surgeries.

Make an appointment and meet the surgeon.

Ask about the results, risks, and complications that can occur. Make a list of questions to take to your appointment to make sure you have the answers you need.

Listen to your inner voice.

If you meet a surgeon and you’re not comfortable, make an appointment with someone else. Most health care providers understand. They know you’ll recover faster if you have a good relationship with your surgeon.

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