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Minimize holiday injuries

Self Care, Injury Prevention

Lunges and straddles help build leg strength and flexibility

Exercises, Injury Prevention, Self Care

10 Tips for Safe Shoveling

Exercises, Self Care, Injury Prevention, Neck, Back

Five easy exercises to improve your posture

Self Care, Exercises, Injury Prevention, Neck, Back

Don't fall for injuries this year

Self Care, Injury Prevention

Keep your hamstrings strong for pain-free movement

Self Care, Exercises, Injury Prevention, Leg

Traveling this year? How's your luggage treating you?

Self Care, Injury Prevention, Neck, Back

Girls are breaking the golfing myth

Exercise, Overuse Injury, Injury Prevention, Sports Medicine, Elbow

Six tips to avoid six common pumpkin carving injuries

Safety, Injury Prevention, Hand, Wrist

Muscle cramps can be a real pain

Injury Prevention, Sports Medicine, Muscle Pain

Preventing hockey injuries from head to toe

Concussion, Safety, Injury Prevention, Fractures, Sports Medicine, Foot, Neck, Back, Hip, Knee, Elbow, Hand, Wrist

Hand, back and burn injuries. Who knew holiday meals could be so dangerous?

Injury Prevention, Self Care, Safety, Hand, Wrist, Neck, Back

Hoop it up!

Sports Medicine, Overuse Injury, Injury Prevention, Knee, Foot, Ankle, Hand, Wrist

What is a collarbone fracture?

Sports Medicine, Injury Prevention, Shoulder

Are you at risk for orthopedic injuries this winter?

Injury Prevention, Self Care, Safety

What is turf toe?

Injury Prevention, Foot, Ankle

Are you ergonomically correct?

Self Care, Injury Prevention, Overuse Injury, Pain Management, Elbow, Knee

Childhood obesity could cause future joint problems

Self Care, Injury Prevention, Diet and Nutrition, Bone Health

Get up outta that chair, and your joints will feel better

Exercise, Injury Prevention, Neck, Back, Knee

Is your child at risk for a stress fracture?

Sports Medicine, Overuse Injury, Injury Prevention

Train well to run well

Self Care, Safety, Injury Prevention, Overuse Injury, Exercises, Sports Medicine

Is working at home becoming a pain. . .

Self Care, Injury Prevention, Exercise

It’s Tick Season

Exercise, Injury Prevention, Joint Pain

Stay Independent this Fourth of July

Safety, Injury Prevention

Would an ergonomic assessment help you enjoy less stress while working from home?

Neck, Shoulder, Knee, Hand, Wrist, Injury Prevention, Overuse Injury, Self Care

Five things your sports medicine specialist wants you to know

Sports Medicine, Injury Prevention, Exercise, Self Care

Stay safe and sound this hunting season

Safety, Self Care, Shoulder, Arm, Overuse Injury, Injury Prevention

Try these six moves to improve your balance

Injury Prevention, Exercise, Self Care

Avoid winter sports injuries

Injury Prevention, Self Care, Sports Medicine

Avoid these six common snow shoveling injuries

Injury Prevention, Self Care, Shoulder

Common injuries with home-exercise programs

Self Care, Exercise, Injury Prevention

How does sleep affect your bones?

Self Care, Bone Health, Prevention

What are bone spurs?

Bone Health, Prevention, Foot, Hand, Joint Pain

How does cycling affect your bones?

Exercise, Self Care, Injury Prevention, Bone Health

Help! My foot won’t heal

Foot, Injury Prevention

Stay pain-free during your road trip

Self Care, Exercise, Injury Prevention

Can you improve bone health at any age?

Bone Health, Prevention, Exercise, Self Care


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