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What is runner’s knee?

Knee, Self Care, Exercise

Stretches can prevent back pain

Self Care, Exercises, Neck, Back

To stretch or not to stretch?

Exercises, Self Care, Neck, Back

Exercises to relieve back pain

Exercises, Self Care, Back, Neck

Stretch before winter fun

Exercises, Self Care, Neck, Back

Lunges and straddles help build leg strength and flexibility

Exercises, Injury Prevention, Self Care

Five reasons yoga is good you

Exercises, Self Care, Sports Medicine

10 Tips for Safe Shoveling

Exercises, Self Care, Injury Prevention, Neck, Back

Five easy exercises to improve your posture

Self Care, Exercises, Injury Prevention, Neck, Back

Winter is a great time for groin pulls

Self Care, Exercises, Leg

Work and school can mean pain for your neck

Exercises, Self Care, Neck, Back

Keep your hamstrings strong for pain-free movement

Self Care, Exercises, Injury Prevention, Leg

Chad Esker can testify to the health benefits of exercise

Self Care, Exercise, Knee, Foot, Ankle

What condition would you like to be in?

Self Care, Diet and Nutrition, Exercise

Physical therapy before surgery?

Exercises, Physical Therapy

Girls are breaking the golfing myth

Exercise, Overuse Injury, Injury Prevention, Sports Medicine, Elbow

Why does my knee hurt when I climb the stairs?

Self Care, Exercise, Arthritis, Knee

Have you considered the sport of birding?

Self Care, Exercises, Bone Health

Walk This Way, Not That

Self Care, Exercise, Safety

What is physical therapy?

Physical Therapy, Exercise, Self Care

Why is hand and arm rehabilitation a separate specialty?

Hand, Arm, Physical Therapy, Exercise

What is occupational therapy?

Physical Therapy, Exercise, Self Care, Safety

Get up outta that chair, and your joints will feel better

Exercise, Injury Prevention, Neck, Back, Knee

Exercise can give you a new “leash” on life

Self Care, Exercise, Fractures, Hip, Older Athlete

You can relieve pain without opioids

Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Self Care, Exercise

Gardening is good for you

Self Care, Exercise, Joint Pain

Bone & Joint physical therapy is growing to serve you

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Exercise

Train well to run well

Self Care, Safety, Injury Prevention, Overuse Injury, Exercises, Sports Medicine

Is working at home becoming a pain. . .

Self Care, Injury Prevention, Exercise

What is persistent pain?

Physical Therapy, Exercise, Pain Management, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain

It’s Tick Season

Exercise, Injury Prevention, Joint Pain

Gain more flexibility at any age

Self Care, Exercise, Diet and Nutrition

Five things your sports medicine specialist wants you to know

Sports Medicine, Injury Prevention, Exercise, Self Care

Try these six moves to improve your balance

Injury Prevention, Exercise, Self Care

Are you losing your grip?

Self Care, Exercise, Hand

Common injuries with home-exercise programs

Self Care, Exercise, Injury Prevention

How do I know if my physical therapy is working?

Physical Therapy, Exercise, Self Care

What is a bulging disc?

Back, Exercise, Neck, Hip, Leg, Shoulder, Arm, Pain Management

How does cycling affect your bones?

Exercise, Self Care, Injury Prevention, Bone Health

Can I hike after knee replacement surgery?

Knee, Exercise, Joint Health, Joint Replacement

Stay pain-free during your road trip

Self Care, Exercise, Injury Prevention

Can you improve bone health at any age?

Bone Health, Prevention, Exercise, Self Care


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