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Is your child's playground safe?

Concussion, Safety, Walk In Care

What causes shoulder impingement?

Shoulder, Overuse Injury

What is a reverse shoulder replacement?

Shoulder, Joint Replacement

What is runner’s knee?

Knee, Self Care, Exercise

What are the signs of concussion?

Concussion, Sports Medicine

Stretches can prevent back pain

Self Care, Exercises, Neck, Back

To stretch or not to stretch?

Exercises, Self Care, Neck, Back

Exercises to relieve back pain

Exercises, Self Care, Back, Neck

Stretch before winter fun

Exercises, Self Care, Neck, Back

Minimize holiday injuries

Self Care, Injury Prevention

Lunges and straddles help build leg strength and flexibility

Exercises, Injury Prevention, Self Care

Five reasons yoga is good you

Exercises, Self Care, Sports Medicine

10 Tips for Safe Shoveling

Exercises, Self Care, Injury Prevention, Neck, Back

Five easy exercises to improve your posture

Self Care, Exercises, Injury Prevention, Neck, Back

Winter is a great time for groin pulls

Self Care, Exercises, Leg

Work and school can mean pain for your neck

Exercises, Self Care, Neck, Back

Don't fall for injuries this year

Self Care, Injury Prevention

Keep your hamstrings strong for pain-free movement

Self Care, Exercises, Injury Prevention, Leg

Traveling this year? How's your luggage treating you?

Self Care, Injury Prevention, Neck, Back

Chad Esker can testify to the health benefits of exercise

Self Care, Exercise, Knee, Foot, Ankle

Lawn Mowing Safety

Self Care, Safety

Fruits and vegetables are good for our bones

Diet and Nutrition, Self Care

What condition would you like to be in?

Self Care, Diet and Nutrition, Exercise

Meet Daniel P. Johnston, MS, PA-C

Sports Medicine, Arthritis, Providers

Hydrate for better performance and less joint pain

Self Care, Diet and Nutrition, Pain Management

Physical therapy before surgery?

Exercises, Physical Therapy

Do your kids get enough calcium?

Diet and Nutrition, Self Care, Bone Health

Girls are breaking the golfing myth

Exercise, Overuse Injury, Injury Prevention, Sports Medicine, Elbow

Not now. I have a headache.

Headache, Pain Management, Self Care

Meet James Messerly, DO

Providers, Sports Medicine, Foot, Ankle, Elbow, Neck, Back

Six tips to avoid six common pumpkin carving injuries

Safety, Injury Prevention, Hand, Wrist

Muscle cramps can be a real pain

Injury Prevention, Sports Medicine, Muscle Pain

When is it safe to return to activities after a concussion?

Concussion, Sports Medicine, Self Care

Meet Paul T. Strobel, DPM

Providers, Foot, Ankle

Preventing hockey injuries from head to toe

Concussion, Safety, Injury Prevention, Fractures, Sports Medicine, Foot, Neck, Back, Hip, Knee, Elbow, Hand, Wrist

Hand, back and burn injuries. Who knew holiday meals could be so dangerous?

Injury Prevention, Self Care, Safety, Hand, Wrist, Neck, Back

What are the benefits of anterior hip replacement?

Arthritis, Joint Replacement, Hip

Hoop it up!

Sports Medicine, Overuse Injury, Injury Prevention, Knee, Foot, Ankle, Hand, Wrist

Meet C. Kevin Martin, PA-C

Providers, Sports Medicine

Tis the season for healthy herbs and spices

Self Care, Diet and Nutrition

What is a collarbone fracture?

Sports Medicine, Injury Prevention, Shoulder

Meet Shauna L. Christopherson, APNP, FNP

Providers, Sports Medicine, Fractures, Walk In Care

Are you at risk for orthopedic injuries this winter?

Injury Prevention, Self Care, Safety

What is turf toe?

Injury Prevention, Foot, Ankle

Why does my knee hurt when I climb the stairs?

Self Care, Exercise, Arthritis, Knee

Meet Benjamin Hackett, MD

Providers, Pain Management, Neck, Back

Are you ergonomically correct?

Self Care, Injury Prevention, Overuse Injury, Pain Management, Elbow, Knee

Have you considered the sport of birding?

Self Care, Exercises, Bone Health

Meet Dr. Pamela Glennon

Providers, Hand, Wrist

What kind of footprints do you leave?

Self Care, Foot, Ankle

What is arthroscopic surgery?

Shoulder, Knee, Hand, Wrist

Meet Lester Owens, DO

Providers, Pain Management

Common Baseball and Softball Injuries

Sports Medicine, Elbow, Concussion, Foot, Ankle, Knee, Shoulder

Walk This Way, Not That

Self Care, Exercise, Safety

Meet Eric Thiel, MD

Providers, Joint Replacement

Why does my forearm hurt?

Overuse Injury, Self Care, Arm

Childhood obesity could cause future joint problems

Self Care, Injury Prevention, Diet and Nutrition, Bone Health

What is a knee sprain?

Sports Medicine, Walk In Care, Knee

8 questions to answer as you consider joint replacement surgery

Joint Replacement, Arthritis, Pain Management, Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Ankle

What is scar tissue?

Self Care, Physical Therapy

What is radiofrequency ablation?

Pain Management, Neck, Back

Meet Dr. Kulpreet Sahota

Providers, Pain Management, Neck, Back

What is physical therapy?

Physical Therapy, Exercise, Self Care

Why is hand and arm rehabilitation a separate specialty?

Hand, Arm, Physical Therapy, Exercise

What is occupational therapy?

Physical Therapy, Exercise, Self Care, Safety

Meet Jamie Hane, OTR/L, CHT

Providers, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy

Meet Karissa Clark, PTA

Providers, Physical Therapy

Meet Caitlyn Van Der Geest, PT, DPT

Providers, Physical Therapy

Meet David Stutzriem, PT, DPT, LAT

Providers, Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine

I feel dizzy. My head is spinnin'

Safety, Self Care, Head, Neck

What's so special about hand therapy?

Occupational Therapy, Self Care, Hand, Wrist, Arm

Meet Jeffrey Brown, MPT

Physical Therapy

Get up outta that chair, and your joints will feel better

Exercise, Injury Prevention, Neck, Back, Knee

Exercise can give you a new “leash” on life

Self Care, Exercise, Fractures, Hip, Older Athlete

Are you low on fluid?

Joint Health, Self Care, Joint Pain

You can relieve pain without opioids

Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Self Care, Exercise

Bone & Joint Celebrates 50 Years of Orthopedic Excellence

Providers, Pain Management, Surgery Center, Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, Walk In Care

Gardening is good for you

Self Care, Exercise, Joint Pain

Meet Scott D. Stuempfig, MD, FAAPMR

Providers, Pain Management

Meet Kayla Degner, DPT

Physical Therapy, Providers

Meet Daniel Janik, PT

Physical Therapy, Providers

What is Kinesio taping therapy?

Physical Therapy, Pain Management

What is Dupuytren’s Contracture?

Physical Therapy, Pain Management, Hand, Wrist

Are you at risk for avocado hand?

Self Care, Hand, Wrist

What is psoriatic arthritis?

Arthritis, Joint Pain, Self Care

Meet Bradley Mueller, FNP-BC

Providers, Walk In Care

Meet Jessica L. Juntunen, MD

Sports Medicine, Providers

12 signs your hip pain needs treatment

Hip, Surgery Center, Providers

Meet Matthew Moore, DPT

Providers, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy

Are your winter boots causing joint pain?

Foot, Ankle, Self Care, Safety

Stay active and healthy this winter

Safety, Self Care, Walk In Care

Dave Cameron is back to doing what he wants to do

Joint Replacement, Joint Pain, Hip, Arthritis

Bone & Joint physical therapy is growing to serve you

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Exercise

Is your child at risk for a stress fracture?

Sports Medicine, Overuse Injury, Injury Prevention

My knee hurts. Should I consider a cortisone shot?

Hip, Knee, Arthritis, Pain Management, Joint Pain

Train well to run well

Self Care, Safety, Injury Prevention, Overuse Injury, Exercises, Sports Medicine

Is Keto safe for your bones?

Self Care, Diet and Nutrition

Is working at home becoming a pain. . .

Self Care, Injury Prevention, Exercise

Surgery delayed? Practice self-care at home.

Self Care, Joint Replacement, Joint Pain

What is persistent pain?

Physical Therapy, Exercise, Pain Management, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain

It’s Tick Season

Exercise, Injury Prevention, Joint Pain

Stay Independent this Fourth of July

Safety, Injury Prevention

Gain more flexibility at any age

Self Care, Exercise, Diet and Nutrition

Why do I still hurt? Life's circumstances can intensify pain.

Pain Management, Self Care, Physical Therapy

Are pre- and probiotics the new wonder drugs for bone and joint health?

Joint Health, Bone Health, Diet and Nutrition, Self Care

Would an ergonomic assessment help you enjoy less stress while working from home?

Neck, Shoulder, Knee, Hand, Wrist, Injury Prevention, Overuse Injury, Self Care

Can better sleep reduce your pain?

Self Care, Pain Management

Meet Abbey Kuzas, DPT

Providers, Physical Therapy

Five things your sports medicine specialist wants you to know

Sports Medicine, Injury Prevention, Exercise, Self Care

Stay safe and sound this hunting season

Safety, Self Care, Shoulder, Arm, Overuse Injury, Injury Prevention

Meet Stephanie Kniech, PA-C

Providers, Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement, Hand, Shoulder, Arm

Winter is the season for cracked skin

Self Care, Safety, Foot, Hand

Do your joints need an oil change?

Diet and Nutrition, Self Care

Try these six moves to improve your balance

Injury Prevention, Exercise, Self Care

Are you losing your grip?

Self Care, Exercise, Hand

Avoid winter sports injuries

Injury Prevention, Self Care, Sports Medicine

Avoid these six common snow shoveling injuries

Injury Prevention, Self Care, Shoulder

Common injuries with home-exercise programs

Self Care, Exercise, Injury Prevention

Does diabetes affect bone health?

Self Care, Diet and Nutrition, Bone Health

How do I know if my physical therapy is working?

Physical Therapy, Exercise, Self Care

What is a bulging disc?

Back, Exercise, Neck, Hip, Leg, Shoulder, Arm, Pain Management

How does sleep affect your bones?

Self Care, Bone Health, Prevention

What’s the difference between an ankle sprain and chronic ankle instability?

Ankle, Self Care, Joint Pain, Joint Health, Joint Replacement

What are bone spurs?

Bone Health, Prevention, Foot, Hand, Joint Pain

How does cycling affect your bones?

Exercise, Self Care, Injury Prevention, Bone Health

Help! My foot won’t heal

Foot, Injury Prevention

Can I hike after knee replacement surgery?

Knee, Exercise, Joint Health, Joint Replacement

Stay pain-free during your road trip

Self Care, Exercise, Injury Prevention

Why do my feet swell?

Foot, Ankle, Self Care

Can you improve bone health at any age?

Bone Health, Prevention, Exercise, Self Care

Meet Michael J. Andrews, DO

Providers, Pain Management, Back

Is there a healing timeline?

Self Care, Pain Management, Bone Health, Muscle Pain


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