Bone & Joint is a "pro-active" choice for your family.

Fractures, tears, arthritis or muscles conditions can interrupt your life. When injuries or arthritis interferes with your movement, turn to the orthopaedic experts at the Bone & Joint Center. Each provider is committed to getting you back in motion and back to an active life. 

Here are five reasons to consider Bone & Joint for your orthopaedic care. 

1.  The quality of your care affects our personal reputation.

Bone & Joint has one of the most comprehensive teams of orthopaedic experts and support staff in northcentral Wisconsin.

We aren’t a division of another corporate healthcare organization; Bone & Joint belongs to us.

Since many of our orthopaedic experts are also owners of the practice, their reputations are on the line. The partners hire the best health professionals—so you receive the best care, in the best environment.


2.  Bone & Joint is more cost effective than traditional health care.

As a self-contained ambulatory care facility, we are able to keep our costs lower. Unlike large hospitals with massive overhead costs, our practice runs lean on expenses and high on quality.

We make sure we provide you with the services that you need—not more, not less—to treat your condition and get you moving in the right direction.


3.  We offer you a wide-range of orthopaedic and specialty services under one roof.

From head to toe, our team of board-certified and fellowship trained orthopaedic experts has you covered. Our multidisciplinary providers specialize in pain management; arthroscopic surgery; ankle, knee, shoulder, elbow and hip replacement; arthritis care and many other orthopaedic and podiatry treatments. When you visit Bone & Joint, you receive the benefit of our collaborative, team approach to care.


4.  We provide conservative care.

If your condition does not require emergency surgery, we work with you to find the least invasive treatment that will relieve your pain and increase your mobility. Treatments may range from physical therapy, exercise, bracing, medication or injections. If surgery needs to be considered, we have the experts for that, too.

You will be involved in each decision and understand the reason for the treatment and expected outcome of your care plan.


5.  We will help you understand the procedure and your responsibilities after treatment.

 We will also show you exercises and movement modifications to help you maintain and increase your motion after recovery.

Your ability to achieve the maximum improvement possible is important to us. It’s why most of us chose the field of orthopaedics, to help people move better through life.

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