Orthopaedic surgeon Thomas O. Miller, MD, envisioned a medical practice devoted solely to bone, joint and muscle injuries. His vision came to life in 1969 when he opened a solo practice at 630 First Street in Wausau named Miller Bone & Joint, S.C. (Service Corporation).


Richard L. Buechel, MD, became the second orthopaedic surgeon to join the practice.


In August of this year, the Articles of Incorporation were amended to rename the practice Bone & Joint Clinic, S.C.


Donald H. Kranendonk, MD, joined the growing practice.


Alexander S. Foltz, MD, was the fourth orthopaedic surgeon to join.

Doctors Miller, Buechel, Kranendonk, and Foltz became Bone & Joint's charter group of orthopaedic surgeons. They set a standard for exceptional care, from admissions through treatment and recovery, that is continued today.


Due to growth, the clinic relocated to the office suites at Wausau Hospital (now Aspirus Hospital).


Bone & Joint expanded its service area by purchasing a building from Dr. Braun on East Second Street in Merrill, Wisconsin.


Richard Foltz, MD, orthopaedic surgeon (brother of Dr. A. Foltz) relocated from a Rhinelander orthopaedic group to become a Bone & Joint provider. The same year Dr. R. Foltz joined Bone & Joint in Wausau, he began offering orthopaedic services one day a week at the hospital in Medford, Wisconsin, further expanding Bone & Joint's service area.


William E. Wessels, MD, orthopaedic surgeon joined the Bone & Joint group.


James R. Messerly, DO, primary orthopaedic care and sports medicine specialist joined. He was the first non-surgical physician to practice at Bone & Joint.


As a result of Bone & Joint's expansion into sports medicine, William J. Jarvis, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon with a fellowship in sports medicine and arthroscopy joined the practice.


Daniel D. Priebe, DO, orthopaedic surgeon left a successful private practice in Princeton, IL to join Bone & Joint.


Lester A. Owens, DO, physical medicine and rehabilitation with a specialty in pain management joined, introducing Bone & Joint to a new service line - pain management.

A new clinic was built in Medford to serve the needs of the community. Three orthopaedic surgeons currently staff this clinic full-time.


Pamela E. Glennon, MD, orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hand, wrist and upper extremity care joined Bone & Joint.
Land was purchased in Rib Mountain with visions for the development of a highly specialized musculoskeletal center.


Thomas G. Staysniak, DPM, surgical podiatrist, came on staff to serve the foot and ankle sub-specialty.

A new clinic was constructed in Merrill on Eagle Drive. This clinic is currently staffed by two full-time surgeons, a pain management physician and a podiatrist.


Benjamin J. Hackett, MD, orthopaedic spine surgeon joined the staff after completing a fellowship in orthopaedic spine surgery at the Twin Cities Spine Center.

On September 20, an official groundbreaking ceremony was held at 5200 Hummingbird Road in the town of Rib Mountain for the construction of a 43,000 square ft. musculoskeletal center and ambulatory surgery center, which is now fully constructed and occupied.


Paul T. Strobel, DPM, surgical podiatrist joined the practice.


Scott D. Stuempfig, MD, joined the practice. He specializes in pain medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal pain disorders. He also offers EMG/NCV studies and interventional pain procedures.

In September an official groundbreaking ceremony was held at the Medford Bone & Joint for expansion of the facility. The new addition provided a 20% increase in square footage, growing the facility to approximately 7,000 total square feet.


Three new orthopaedic physicians became members of our staff:


Bone & Joint's Wausau clinic opened Walk-In Care, for fast access to expert orthopaedic care, eliminating the need for an appointment and doctor referral.


Dr. Jeffrey M.K. Martin, DO orthopaedic surgeon joined the practice. Dr. Martin specializes in general orthopaedic care, and sports medicine.

Bone & Joint's Medford clinic opened Walk-In care, providing access without an appointment Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm.


Dr. Tyler J. Beckley, DO a dually fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon in both foot & ankle and sports medicine, joined Bone & Joint, bringing a higher acuity specialty care to the Central Wisconsin area and surrounding communities.

Dr. Brian A. Rosenberg, MD  a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor specializing in pain management, joined the practice after running a successful practice in Louisiana. 

On November 10, 2015 an official groundbreaking ceremony was held at 1767 Park Avenue in Plover, Wisconsin for the construction of a 15,100 square ft musculoskeletal center and ambulatory surgery center slated to open July 2016.